Integrative Cancer Care

Your entire health and wellbeing matter at every stage of your cancer journey.

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Integrative Cancer Care

Your entire health and wellbeing matter at every stage of your cancer journey.

There is an overwhelming amount of information about how your health impacts your cancer journey. Our Naturopathic Doctor’s role is to teach you what are the most effective options for your specific cancer type and your specific treatment protocol. We work closely with the rest of your medical team to give you the safest and most effective treatment options.

Patients undergoing cancer care want to feel like they are having an active role in their recovery and approach our clinic when they want to seek the guidance of experienced Naturopathic Doctors, who are willing to listen to their concerns and explore various solutions to their unique health situation. Patients want to feel confident that they are taking positive steps forward to remain healthy during chemotherapy, to minimize long term side effects from their conventional treatment, and that they are doing everything in their control to reduce recurrence.

Treatment options can be as simple as dietary changes, or as involved as nutritional supplements and IV therapy. We work closely with patients to develop their goals, monitor their progress, and evolve their plan as they move through their treatment and recovery. We develop long term relationships with our patients and help them through every stage of their health journey.

We take our role on your cancer team seriously, and communicate often with oncologists, radiologists and pharmacists about your treatment plan. We take an evidenced-based approach to cancer support, and work with your medications and treatment plan to help you get a cutting-edge, but evidence-based treatment plan.

From supporting patients who are high risk, in active care, or who are working to prevent recurrence, we work collaboratively with your cancer team and offer additional support not received elsewhere in Ontario healthcare. We can support patients through nutritional strategies, supplementation and even IV therapy to minimize their risk of side effects, and to support their entire body and health through their cancer care.

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