Get To Know The Team

Our team of caring practitioners are here to guide you through your wellness journey with Clarity Health

Meet The Team

Get To Know The Team

Our team of caring practitioners are here to guide you through your wellness journey with Clarity Health.

Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND NCMP

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

As the clinic director, Dr. Jordan Robertson ND oversees all aspects of the patient experience from the moment you call for support to the day you graduate into maintenance care.

Our goal has been to create a transformative medical care experience, like nothing patients have ever been offered before. Our goal is to create educated, empowered and self managing patients through the support of our Patient Care Coordinator team, our online patient portal and through team of incredible Naturopathic Doctors, each with an area of focus. 

Dr. Jordan has worked as the off-site Naturopathic Doctor for the Endometriosis clinic at McMaster University for many years and has developed and facilitated courses for McMaster on integrative medicine and nutrition. Dr. Jordan is the CEO of The Confident Clinician, an online platform that educates over 600 Naturopathic Doctors across Canada and the USA by supporting clinicians with the best science-based practices for integrative medicine and teaches regularly on how to support patients with PMS, PCOS, perimenopause, endometriosis and menopause. Dr. Jordan is a North American Menopause Society certified Menopause Practitioner and supports the entire team with menopause practice and HRT prescribing. 

Through these experiences and Dr. Robertson’s leadership, we have created the Clarity Health experience. Welcome!


“When I started Clarity Health my goal was simple. Provide the best possible medical advice to our patients. People deserve to understand all of the options available to them, all of the possible ways to support their health, and the expected benefit from following a carefully developed plan. This is what we do at Clarity Health. We make your healthcare choices clear, and we set out a practical and results-oriented plan to get clear results.”

Dr. Ashley Chauvin BSc ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Dr. Ashley Chauvin ND has a mission to support patients to feel more like themselves while experiencing hormone changes such as menopause. Ashley originally found her passion for Naturopathic Medicine when training in Radiation Therapy and now supports patients during active cancer treatment and survivorship to feel empowered and in control of their health. 

Patients who have experienced cancer often struggle with hormonal concerns and have many questions about their treatment options. Ashley supports our patients experiencing natural and medically-induced menopause by addressing symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and hot flashes.

Dr. Ashley wants her patients to understand their options and how they can support themselves through positive lifestyle changes, supplements and injection therapy to improve the side effects of their conventional care and thrive in survivorship.

Dr. Ashley completed a residency program in supporting cancer patients and has worked exclusively in cancer care for much of her career. Her interest in breast cancer has lead her to pursue training in women’s health and hormonal support and she is thrilled to be able to support our patients on their journey to menopause with prevention strategies and a focus on overall wellness.


“Many patients come to me with the idea that they need to follow a radical diet and with a long list of supplements they need in order to support themselves during and after cancer treatment. I don’t want food choices to become anxiety inducing. I want patients to be using nutrients and botanicals that have evidence to support their particular case. I have worked with many conventional cancer-teams to create a holistic plan for my patients that their doctors are in support of. It’s my passion to watch patients thrive in their health, even after a cancer diagnosis.”

Dr. Dominique Vanier BScH, MEnvSC, ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Digestive issues are all-consuming and impact quality of life. Patients with digestive issues feel confused, frustrated, and often end up with more questions than answers. They feel that their digestive challenges can affect other systems in their body, including hormones, sleep, and mood. To make matters more complicated, patients typically find it difficult to identify patterns or triggers that cause digestive flare-ups. 

Dr. Dominique Vanier has a special clinical focus on digestive issues, and hormones including thyroid disorders, menstrual issues, PMS, and menopause. She is particularly interested in how the gut can affect hormones, the nervous system, immune health, and autoimmunity, and includes supportive gut treatment and therapies in all her patient’s treatment plans. 

Dr. Dominique Vanier has completed several continuing education courses including the 2-day LP3 (Medisca) Personalized Hormone Restoration Therapy intensive for medical doctors and the 12-hour Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) course through the Confident Clinician. Her main goal is not only to get to the root cause of her patient’s hormonal and health concerns but to enable them to regain control of their health and thrive.

Before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Dominique completed a bachelor of science (honours) in Chemistry from Queen’s University and a Masters of Environmental Science from the University of Toronto. She is currently actively involved in her naturopathic community as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Laura von Hagen BSc MSc ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Patients often feel as though their hormones are taking over their life. Dr. Laura believes your hormones should propel you forwards, not backward. She sees time and time again that women and people who menstruate put up with their PMS, painful periods and heavy bleeding because they think it’s ‘normal’. Dr. Laura knows that you deserve better – you have the right to look and feel your best every day of the month. 

Dr. Laura has a special clinical focus on hormones, thyroid concerns, PCOS and fertility. Many of her patients struggle with unwanted weight gain, fatigue, hair loss and irregular cycles; all of these symptoms can point to an underlying thyroid disorder or PCOS diagnosis. She shares her personal story and expertise in her book, My PCOS Pregnancy: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Pregnancy with PCOS

She believes in patient-centred care and getting to the root cause of patients’ health concerns. From PMS to menopause, she believes patients deserve better care and clear answers to their health questions. Patients rely on her unique, evidence-based approach to help fix hormone imbalances, banish PMS and ease them through the transition to menopause. Hormones should not get in the way of life. Instead, they should propel patients into a state of optimal functioning. 

Before becoming an ND, Dr. Laura completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Queen’s University and a Master’s in Clinical Anatomy at Western University. She further pursued her interest in women’s health on a CIDA Maternal and Newborn Care internship in Africa. Outside of the clinic, she loves to spend her free time biking and running outdoors. Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND is also a board member for Conceivable Dreams.

I want patients to feel heard and supported along their fertility journey. After going through my own fertility struggles, I am committed to helping my patients get pregnant and bring home a healthy baby. It is my absolute passion and the reason I love going to work every day. You don’t need to feel alone, I am here for you.

Dr. Erin Ley BSc MSc ND

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Many patients are overwhelmed and confused about nutrition because of diet culture, and conflicting information they find online. They recognize that food and nutrition are important pieces to their health puzzle, yet they feel stuck. Dr. Erin guides you on your journey to feeling empowered by your nutrition and food choices. 

Dr. Erin is a Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in clinical research and nutrition. She uses nutrition and concepts of nonrestrictive and intuitive eating as a backbone modality to support women from PMS through to menopause.

Dr. Erin has collaborated with Sick Kids Hospital, where she discovered a passion for working with young people. Dr. Erin has created a program for parents and their young menstruators (Period Talk) to learn about menstrual health. She fully believes that menstruation is a super power, and no young person or adult woman should feel burdened or inhibited by their period.

Dr. Erin is also the Clarity Health lead facilitator for the women’s health group, The Wild Collective. Through this intensive health program, Dr. Erin has developed a passion for facilitating women’s connection to themselves, their health, and to other women.

I want patients to feel as though their health story is heard. It’s an important, and often overlooked step to building a trusting clinical relationship. By focusing on your goals and values, we can together build a plan that you are confident you can tackle. I would be honoured to be your cheerleader, educator and health advocate.”

Dr. Moira Kwok BSc (Hons) ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Your period and hormones can feel like your nemesis because you experience incredibly painful cramps, lots of bloating, exhaustion, heavy bleeding and worse yet, you haven’t fallen pregnant. Your body is letting you down and everyone around you is telling you that “it’s normal” and to “just relax because you’re too stressed”. Dr. Moira has struggled with all of these personally, and as a result has made it her life’s mission to help other women and people with ovaries feel seen and heard, and work together towards a more normal menstrual experience that optimises fertility health as well.

Dr. Moira has many years of clinical focus on hormones, endometriosis and fertility. Many of her patients struggle with incredibly painful periods, bloating, fatigue and often suspect that “something is wrong”. They also tend to struggle with getting pregnant and don’t know where to focus their attention when it comes to the myriad of natural fertility options out there.

She guides her patients to a better understanding of their bodies, hormones and overall health, and how all of the puzzle pieces of symptoms and test results click together to help create an achievable plan to optimise their periods and fertility.  She does this through the research-based use of nutrition, supplements, hormone therapy and acupuncture.

“I have a close and personal experience with fertility medicine that helped me develop an immense appreciation for the stress and overwhelm that many couples feel when they are being treated for infertility. I want the journey to be clear and for treatments to be effective and simple. Patients and couples should be empowered by their fertility care and feel supported by their practitioner as they make positive changes to their health.”

Dr. Andrea Gri BSc (Hons) ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Patients often feel embarrassed and avoid raising concerns related to their genitourinary health such as vaginal dryness, recurrent UTIs, or yeast infections, yet this is an important area of health that women deserve to feel comfortable and connected with. Throughout her career, Dr Andrea Gri ND has performed hundreds of Paps and vaginal exams, educated and helped women and people who menstruate feel more comfortable and connected with their vaginal health and helped women with hormonal concerns related to PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. 

Dr. Andrea Gri is passionate about helping women who are struggling with PMS, irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, low energy, insomnia and weight gain move from feeling frustrated and confused to empowered and confident about managing their hormonal and cardiometabolic health. 

With her background working in an integrative medical setting, providing care to patients alongside a team of family doctors, a general surgeon, and cardiologist, she also provided valuable support to her patients with diabetes, prediabetes and insulin resistance through personalized, evidence based, natural therapies in ways which were not otherwise available to them in the framework of conventional medicine. She gives patients an individualized approach to manage their weight, improve their metabolic and cardiovascular health, and reduce their future disease risk. 

These experiences have fuelled her passion in educating and empowering women to take control of their health so they can live and feel like the best version of themselves again! Dr. Andrea Gri has been recognized as a top practitioner on Three Best Rated and Consumer Choice Awards.

“I listen and care and want to hear the details of your story. Patients often come to me feeling dismissed and that their health concerns have not been taken seriously or adequately addressed. My goal is for patients to feel listened to and supported, and to provide simple, personalized, evidence-based treatments that set them up for a lifetime of good health!”

Dr. Laurie Alpert ND

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Many patients feel their mood is a rollercoaster starting to affect their closest relationships. Anxiety is taking over and keeping them from doing what they love. Dr. Laurie offers women who do it all effective integrative and transformative health care that allows them to fully show up in midlife with confidence, clarity, and choice. Her mission is to shift the experience for hard working women away from the boundaryless self-sacrifice and hormonal suffering that has been normalised beyond recognition, to a life of strength, sustainable energy, and hormonal harmony. 


As a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) she enjoys supporting women through their midlife hormonal transition by combining up to date evidence based information, goal setting, and shared decision making. Drawing from her years of practice as a naturopathic doctor, and combining extensive research into sleep, hormones, menopause, and mental health, she guides women just like you back into a life full of strength, confidence, and connection.

“I want to help patients like you reimagine and transform your hormonal transition years into a passage grounded in strength, confidence, and connection. Your story matters and you deserve to write it.”

Your first point of contact when you phone our office is our staff team of patient co-ordinators. Our staff work with you every step of the way through your process at Clarity Health, and work hard to provide a level of service and support that is un-matched in most health care clinics. They manage the administrative side of the office and ensure that your care is facilitated smoothly and to the highest standard.

Our office is open for appointments, calls and supplement refills:

Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Evening appointments are virtual after 5 pm.
Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Our staff team has been carefully constructed with a team of amazing women with backgrounds from nursing, personal relations and human resources. They are the magic behind the scenes at Clarity Health and ensure that your care is organized between your Naturopathic Doctor and other health care providers.

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