Digestive Health

Helping you feel confident in your digestion from day to day.

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Digestive Health

Helping you feel confident in your digestive system from day to day.

Patients seeking solutions for their digestion have often cut out many foods from their diet, yet continue to suffer from bloating, gas, and discomfort. They feel confused by the lack of predictability with their digestive health and frustrated with how it affects their quality of life. Frequent bathroom trips in public settings can result in feelings of inadequacy and an inability to partake in group lunches or dinners with friends and family. It feels unfair that so much of their daily life is taken up by their symptoms.

Working with a naturopathic doctor provides patients with a structure, framework, and plan to help patients overcome their digestive challenges – a plan that makes patients feel heard, understood, and validated. As we work on your digestive health together, patients can expect to feel an improved sense of direction, freedom in nutrition, and feeling more comfortable participating in social activities.

“I felt so confused, embarrassed, and lost when I was first diagnosed with a chronic digestive condition. I felt like it was affecting my relationships with family and friends, where I was always too tired or in pain to attend social gatherings. I had seen two GI specialists where I was told this was all due to stress and ‘stress is good for you’. Nothing seemed to work and I had many questions that couldn’t be answered. I took matters into my own hands and became an educated health care practitioner with a special focus on gut health. I made it my mission to understand every aspect of how diet, supplements, sleep, exercise, and the nervous and immune systems affect digestive health. This is what makes naturopathic digestive care so unique and powerful – your health is more than just an algorithm or a pill, and success happens when we take a multi-system holistic approach”

~ Dr. Dominique Vanier, Naturopathic Doctor

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