There might not be a public health screening program more successful than the pap test. After initiating routine screening for cervical cancer in women and people born with a cervix, cervical cancer rates have plummeted. 

Although screening tests can be a valuable way to pull patients into the office for regular touch points with their doctor, we haven’t done a great job at helping people understand the “other” parts of a pap test, why vaginal exams might need to be done before you get your “letter” and why vaginal health is still important in people who have had a hysterectomy and no longer have a cervix. 

A complete vaginal exam is so much more than a pap screen, and can help people who are suffering from vaginal or genitourinary symptoms, especially in perimenopause and menopause. 

If you are currently struggling with 

  • Pain with intercourse or vaginal dryness
  • Have not had a period in longer than 12 months (menopause)
  • Have vaginal discharge or odour throughout the month
  • Have skin changes, itching or discomfort in your labia or genital area. 
  • Cannot easily see your labia or genital area based on mobility or body size

You would benefit from a vaginal exam that extends beyond a “pap smear”. 

Naturopathic Doctors, as regulated health professionals in Ontario, are licensed to provide vaginal exams, pap tests and additional vaginal swabs for yeast and bacterial overgrowth. A vaginal exam at Clarity Health includes education, exam and solutions for your vaginal symptoms such as local vaginal estrogen, probiotics and vaginal moisturizers. 

Vaginal exams can be accessed both by new patients and existing patients, and are performed by Dr. Andrea Gri. Dr. Gri has spent over a decade working in a family medicine practice and has performed thousands of vaginal exams and pap tests. 

If you have ever felt rushed, pain or shame in a pap test, our commitment to our patients is to improve access to this service, to normalize and encourage vaginal health discussions and to provide the most comfortable and compassionate vaginal exam possible. 


Submit a web inquiry to receive a call from one of our patient care coordinators to be booked for your vaginal exam at Clarity Health.